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About Accutate

Business start date: 06/04/2018
Business type: Service
Industry: Human Services

Unique Selling Point

We conduct Investigatory Capability Appraisements on new staff by researching your organisation and the job role in detail. No generic reference checks with us. These are done exclusively for your business.

Business Description

I help business owners mitigate the risk to their business by providing personalised service to give them full transparency behind the CV when hiring new employees for their business.

We provide an exclusive service to our clients by being New Zealand's only job-specific reference checking service. We tailor-make the reference check to match your company values, role and organisation. This gives our clients an added advantage over competitors when they are hiring new staff.

We work on a one to one basis with all of our clients. No automation, we prefer to get to know what our clients are trying to achieve and drill down on more specific areas of concern to enable them to see behind the CV.

Generic reference checks just don't cut the grade anymore. It is just a script and needs to be more specific to the role and the organisation. We only do verbal references, we don't do any automated email generated wizardry.

We prefer to speak human to human (referee) and get a feel of how the questions and conversation are going. This gives us an added advantage as we can address any red flags or delve deeper into a certain question.

Our clients have commented on our scenario building questions, that is our secret sauce, so I won't go into too much detail on that one.

We have clients that have only ever used recruitment agencies as it is a one-stop shop. These are now our regular clients as they can see the true value and transparency they are given through our non-bias approach.

Our services save our clients thousands of dollars and give them back the number of hours that are normally lost when trying to do it themselves. We offer a head-ache free service.

Speak to us before you decide to say "Your Hired"

Give us a call on 09 971 2205 to find out more about our exclusive services.

Products and Services

Investigatory Capability Appraisements
MOJ Criminal Checks
Driving Licence Checks


Trademarked Feb 2019


PO Box 31057


The Exclusive Background Checking Package will consist of the following: -

• 2 x Investigatory Capability Appraisements
• MOJ Criminal Checks (4 working day turnaround)
• Driving Licence Check
• DISC Profiling

For new clients, we are offering 10% off our exclusive package deal.

Please quote the special offer ID: LaunchList19