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About Arbonne

Business start date: 19/12/2018
Business type: Wholesaler
Industry: Health
Looking for investors: Yes

Unique Selling Point

We have a wide range of products from nutrition, skincare, make up, body, hair, essential oils and much more personal care products. All of our products are vegan, cruelty free, gluten-free and plant based ingredients. Our philosophy is keeping our products Pure, Safe and Beneficial. We stand strong with that and work on it every day to live up to it. We have never tested on animals, and never will. It is unheard of that a networking company has lasted 39 years and are vegan, cruelty free.
We are the number 1 company to Healthy Living Inside and Out since 2017 globally.

Business Description

Before I joined this business I worked part time at a local supermarket, and studied full time, studying a Bachelor of Primary Education. I enjoyed working at the supermarket, people might be surprised by that but I enjoyed my time there because of the people. I loved talking, meeting new people each time I worked and simply making someone’s day. After a year or so working there I was getting bored, I wasn’t learning anything new. I then decided to quit my job in November after my studies and search for something I’ll learn, and be passionate about. Then in December Arbonne found me through a friend of my mums. I researched, meet my mentor and upline in America and started the business a week later.
I started the business by doing events, making Facebook and Instagram business accounts and talking to people, spreading the word out.
This business has given me so much time freedom for my studies and time with family and friends. The people in Arbonne are absolutely breathtaking, they are all so happy, positive and supportive. Everyone needs that in their lives and I love that vibe!
Not to mention the products are absolutely fantastic, they say exactly what they are going to do.

Products and Services

We have two main sets that are life changing and encourage people to give a go.
1. Healthy Ageing Skincare Set.
2. 30 Days to Healthy Living Programme.

We have a lot more sets in our range but these two above are our most popular and favourite!


The achievements I have made in this business is believing in myself and putting my effort into my own work. Learning and growing within myself.

Development Plans

My plans of development is being social, getting to know my community in a relaxed comfortable environment. Stepping out of my comfort zone is also a big one.


Nelson Bays


We are always having special deals every month so make sure to get in contact to find out what they are!