Best Mate Dog Training

Best Mate Dog Training Best Mate Dog Training

About Best Mate Dog Training

Business start date: 01/09/2018
Business type: Service
Industry: Animals

Unique Selling Point

Results based dog training programmes.
Food-free dog training for obedience and behaviour problems.
Unique, effective and simple training method that works in real life situations.

Business Description

Best Mate Dog Training offers results-based, food-free dog training programmes designed to work in real-life, with all the distractions that entails. Train your dog to listen to you, even when guests first arrive, or when another dog is going crazy at you on a walk. Fix behavioural problems like selective hearing, jumping up, biting, stealing, chewing, pulling on the lead, even aggression, all without using harsh methods, or food treats. Training takes place one-on-one, in your home, so no travel required, and we can tailor the training programme to your household.

Products and Services

In home, one-on-one dog training services, using simple, effective methods that don't rely on using food treats, and work in everyday life.


Best Mate Dog Training