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About Brand Rebel

Business start date: 06/09/2017
Business type: Service
Industry: Sales and Marketing

Unique Selling Point

We like to do things differently. We believe that everyone has magic to share and we're here to help them to step up and stand out. We focus firmly on creating powerful, authentic brands that

Business Description

We believe that brands are most powerful when they’re authentic. And it’s not enough to say you’re authentic. You need to be it. You need to live it. The words you use, the images you use, the products you create. Everything needs to vibe on the same frequency. You see, branding isn’t about presenting yourself in the best possible way. It’s about presenting yourself in the best, most real possible way. The way you were born to be, right from that first twinkle in your daddy’s eye. Because really, you’re pretty awesome, and why wouldn’t the world want to get to know that!

We don’t believe that a logo makes a brand (though it can break one), so if you’re looking for a quick fix logo designer then we’re not your go to place. But, if you’re looking for a brand that makes your customers want to kiss you passionately in the back of a taxi, or take you to a picnic at Grandma’s, or you know, just love you forever, then we’re in. 100 percent. With lippy on.

Products and Services

We offer a range of branding services, from helping you to define your brand strategy through to complete brand development - messaging, logo, colours, the lot... But what we really do is help you to identify your super powers and then share them with the world. Simple really.

If you want a business that plays to your strengths, feeds your dreams and enables you to live your best life, you’re in the right place.


Recently shortlisted for Fiona Humberstone's top 40 brand designers (worldwide)



Brand Rebel

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3 Ruby Place
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