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Business start date: 16/06/2017
Business type: Service
Industry: Websites and Apps

Business Description

We provide a portal for people seeking their dream job/career. Breaking away from the traditional boring CV uploading website, “Offer Me a Shot” allows the member to shine and the ability to show their passion for that shot of a lifetime. Members are able to tell their story and why they would be the right candidate with the right attitude and drive to be a successful employee/candidate.

Offer Me A Shot gives people the opportunity who might otherwise feel they don’t have the right qualifications, experience or confidence to attempt to have the job/career that they would enjoy and prosper in. They will have the chance to put their passion across to prospective employers on a level playing ground.

Members will be exposed to local, national and international employers, talent/sports scouts and recruiters.

Candidate Members might be the unemployed, the school leaver, the talented and the person that knows they’ve got something burning inside of them and all it will take for them to succeed is for someone to offer them that shot at it!

The other side of our business is to help Recruiter Members to find the ideal candidate that will suit their organisation culture. Offer Me A Shot aids in the recruitment process by helping to narrow down prospects by their personality, drive and passion.

What better feeling is there than giving someone the opportunity to live their dream and seeing them succeed and prosper.

Our team are more than happy to receive any feedback from you regarding the performance of the website or any success stories you may have.

We thank you for your time and hope you sign up to help achieve your dream career or to find your dream employee!!

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Offer Me A Shot

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