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Business start date: 01/04/2019
Business type: Service
Industry: Sales and Marketing

Business Description

Marketing is good for business

Socially. NZ will be great for yours.

We help local businesses grow, engage and sell their products and services to more customers.

We provide digital, content and social media marketing, strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes alongside event planning and management.

We live and breathe social media and we are experienced media professionals.

You could say we are the new generation in marketing.

We're here to help. Try us. You'll like us.

The people behind Socially NZ have a rich history in media, business development and marketing.

Sinead began her professional career in journalism before moving into copywriting, advertising and digital marketing.

Her storytelling skills have developed from print to the digital world with time spent specialising in SEO. Writing specifically for websites, automation sales and service funnels - she can capture attention and drive an audience to take specific action for you.

Socially NZ is also home to Mary McCutcheon and Rhi Cairns.

Mary is Nelson’s Virtual Assistant taking local businesses to the next level. Offering professional and reliable administrative, creative and social assistance to clients remotely, Mary will drive success for your business by saving you time to focus on the things that matter - in business and personal life.

Rhi is a process and change expert, business development professional and general manager. She possesses an excellent understanding of digital media and what new platforms and trends mean for businesses navigating these. Rhi helps brands achieve their desired customer engagement and sales results through her strategy, business planning and coaching.

Products and Services

We are a full service marketing company. You can pick and choose from our services as and when you need them. From social media strategy and management, marketing planning and execution - if you’ve got a project, we can plan and execute it.

We know a full-time marketer is not something every business can afford. But that doesn’t mean your business needs to stay in the dark ages. Talk to us about content, copywriting, SEO, blogs, lead automation, events, we do it all.

Our services are affordable and realistic and measurable. We are not your average marketers!

Our social media management plans are tailored to suit the needs and budget of your business.

We also offer basic social media training, including business page set up and content planning as a one-off, perfect for real estate consultants or busy business owners.

Ask us anything!

Socially. NZ

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