Trisha Wren, Equine Energetics

Trisha Wren, Equine Energetics

About Trisha Wren, Equine Energetics

Business start date: 01/04/2016
Business type: Service
Industry: Animals

Unique Selling Point

All of my Animal Communication sessions include a physical checkup, and an energy clear and balance. I address past life issues, trauma from previous experiences, check that your tack is fitting and check your horse's diet. I don't just chat to your horse and get answers to your burning questions - I make sure they are happy, know that they are loved, and help you figure out what's going on with any behavioural issues.

Business Description

Horse Communication & Healing. Give your horse a voice, and get all your burning questions answered, in an animal communication session.

I'm a lifelong equine professional which gives me a unique insight to horse energy and behaviour.

Products and Services

Animal Communication sessions, energy balancing, herd balancing (make sure your whole herd is in energetic harmony).
Speaking to animals who are reaching the end of their life, to prepare them, help them understand, and find out what their wishes are.


Trisha Wren, Equine Energetics



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