How to Avoid Business Failure

By Corey Hinde –

How to win in business, on a start up business budget

Chances are that you’ve found Launch List because you are a Kiwi business owner, chasing the dream of business success.

Great – its achievable, it’s not easy, but you can do it. 

Let’s talk about what our agency has learned over the last few years, that you can use to your advantage.

Lesson – businesses are failing often, and it’s usually because they either a) have an idea that nobody wants    or b) they fail to get their message to the right people.

We are a marketing agency, so we’ll focus on the second reason.  Hopefully you’ve done your homework and you know that your business HAS a market.

Now, let’s show you the essentials.

Remember, there are plenty of pretty ordinary products that dominate, due to great marketing… any fizzy drinks come to mind?

Marketing can elevate you from dreamer to achiever… so let’s talk about some essentials for start up business owners.

Your Website

In the old days, your shop front was key to success.  Now, your website fills that role.

All digital marketing you do, will point people to your website.

Even referrals from one friend to another, will involve a visit to your website.

Treat your website very seriously.  It’s the hub of your future success in business.

Building your website yourself, just is no longer a valid option for anyone serious about long term success.

Some points to consider for your website:

  • Is abundantly clear what your business does and who you serve?
  • Are your contact details clearly available?
  • When someone visits your website, is the next step obvious?  Eg click here, download this, grab this free resource etc?
  • If you showed your website to a 12 year old, would they easily know what you do and what to do next?

Over time, there will be various digital platforms that come and go (platforms being things like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter etc etc).

Your website will always be that hub that people come to.

How are you going to rank higher on Google than your competition?

To start with, your website needs to be well built, fast to load, have no technical errors, and over time have other websites linking back to it (backlinks).

All of these points are things that as a business owner, you’ll need to manage or have managed.  They are critical elements to your marketing engine.

Other points:

  • Get as much social proof on your website as possible.  
  • Test your website speed every week.  There are various online options for this. 
  • If you can afford it, invest in an SEO consultant as soon as you can.  This will pay off long term.
  • Content on your website.  What can you add to a blog that positions you as an expert and entices people to your site?  Will it have keywords that also attract traffic from Google?

Our team is happy to help you review your website.  You can access our team for free in our free Facebook Group – link HERE.

Google My Business

This free platform from Google is quite simply amazing at the moment.

This is a Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Suffice to say, we are seeing clients get amazing results from spending time on this resource.

We have written a very extensive guide on how to get your GMB Listing into your local Google 3 Pack – please see that article HERE

The good GMB listings we are seeing, are bringing local businesses leads that quite simply they were not getting before.

When someone searches on Google for something, the Google 3 Pack results simply stand out, and people click on them.

We’ve tested this extensively, and we find that when people search for something, they scroll straight past the ads at the top of Google, to the Google 3 Pack results, and make their decision on that.

Learn how to optimise your GMB as fast as you can.

At a bare minimum, you should work on getting reviews weekly, posting images to that site, and writing mini blog posts in there using your business key words.

Answer any questions that arise, reply to reviews, and work hard to get content on there.

It’ll pay off.


I’ll assume you have a business page already.

What to do with it?

Best usage of Facebook varies from industry to industry, and there is an element of having to figure it out for yourself, but here are some notes from us in the trenches with real clients:

  • Don’t sell.  Build your profile by helping, advising, giving.  Be the trusted advisor in your space, build your personal brand without direct selling.
  • Be on there every day.  Your customers are, you need to be.  Check inbox, notifications, and comments every few hours if you can.  There are real customers waiting.
  • Use video if possible.
  • Buddy up with other business owners to support each others efforts, this can help engagement. 

Facebook, and social media is the new business oxygen.  You have to be there in some capacity.  

Feel free to join our Facebook group, we’ll help you get more followers and teach you more about best practice.  

Backlinks / Directory Listings

These are important.

Backlinks, or someone linking back to your website, gives Google a strong positive signal that your website is good and deserves traffic.

Generally, in our experience, if you win on Google, you win in business.

Read that again.

Winning on Google is a very complicated game, but if we had to summarise it we’d  put it down to 3 things:

  1. Relevant Content on your website
  2. No technical errors on your website
  3. Backlinks.

So getting backlinks is really helpful to your long term success.

Not just any backlinks, but websites with authority.

Imagine Google sees a link from the NZ Herald to your website, and also a link from a website that just got built yesterday, and has no real history or authority.  Google will rank the backlink from the NZ Herald far more highly.

So we need backlinks, and where possible, high authority backlinks.

So we certainly advise that  you get links from various places, including directories like Launch List, Yellow, LindedIn, Google My Business, Fyple, and more.

Outsource thinking OR join a mastermind

What is this?

We believe that nobody wins long term in business on their own.

You need to be talking to smart people, about your next steps.

As of writing, our Digital Marketing Agency is a team of 5 marketing geeks, who are looking at changes online every single day.

Things evolve very quickly, and you need to be across it.

We’ve mentioned our free group.  We suggest you join.

Join up and partner up with the right people, but not everybody.

You need to find a good crowd of people to gather around you to ensure you succeed.

Get busy doing that today.

Can we help you further?  Probably.  

Best next step is… join our Facebook Group HERE