Reasons why Startups should join a coworking space – The Bridge Street Collective


They put you first

You won’t be the first startup company to join. Coworking spaces understand the need for your business to succeed. They understand you need flexibility and that you need to keep the expenses down. They have affordable plans to keep your expenses down. Coworking spaces are community focused and are always looking for ways to bring your membership benefits. They don’t just want you to a beautiful space to work in, but they want you and your startup to flourish. They will connect you to the right people, introduce you to their networks.


Resources and Overheads

They are more resources in a coworking space than a home office. Unless you’re heavily invested into all the things you need to operate as a business. That’s our purpose, to give you a reason to come in every day. From high-speed internet, SRA printing, online marketing and promotion, to regular networking events. We want our members to feel comfortable with asking for a blog post, or plug on social media or to email the community about your upcoming workshop or launch. We also have a lot of connections we want to share with you. The space you’ll work from will have a community manager and they will be figuring out ways to help expose your business to help you gain more clients, to know about upcoming events you might be interested in. Don’t be afraid to ask what space can offer you. And if you feel like your space isn’t benefiting you much, have a conversation with the community manager to see what they can do.


Mental health, collaboration and enjoyment

Don’t be surprised if you find lifelong friends, they are many wonderful people who make up a coworking space. When you’re in that startup phase, it can be overwhelming and stressful. But finding people who will cheer you on, help you with problems and even be that person to take you away for a coffee is something you’ll be glad to have. People who join coworking spaces are generally up for a good chat, and willing to help. Working in a collaborative environment does wonder for your mental health. Don’t put yourself in isolation. And remember, if you’re naturally an extrovert, we’ll do the introductions, provide the lunch and learns but then you’re in the driver’s seat. You’ll find like-minded people in coworking spaces, open individuals, travellers and inspiring entrepreneurs. You’ll meet people who you can constantly learn from, to grow with and to have some fun yarns with. You might not expect to find so many people you connect on a deeper level on.


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