Why Should I List My Business on Launch List? – The Benefits & Features

We know that starting a business can be hard work. There a are lot of things to think about, organise and pay for. Then you must get your business in front of the right people (your target market). This is where Launch List can help. By listing your startup business on Launch List you will receive the following benefits –

We are the only nationwide directory for NZ startups. So, by listing with us you know your business won’t get lost amongst established or defunct businesses like in other directories.
We encourage feedback from our members on how we can continuously improve the site and serve them better.

Launch List provides a platform where you can promote your business’ products/services by uploading pics and videos. These can be easily changed at any time.
Our platform also allows you to upload any document such as a menu, pricing or a brochure.
All of your contact information is clearly displayed such as your address, phone number, email and all of your social media details making you very accessible to any leads.
We have dedicated a section for business owners to be able to describe their story and journey which bought about their unique selling point (USP). This is a key part of the business listing which other directories do not do.
Do you have a limited time deal you would like to promote? Launch List makes it easy to display using a red box and filter.
A nice way to finish off your listing is a section to talk about any achievements/awards/successes your business has had.

Our price is a lot more affordable than others, while providing you with all the bells and whistles (plus more!) than other directories provide. Our 3-year membership plan works out to be less than 14c per day, which is great when you have limited marketing funds available.
There are over 14 ways Launch List promotes your business and your business profile is constantly there for your target market to find you.
We are asked – why don’t you offer a free membership like other directories? There are 2 parts to this answer. The first being that free memberships offer very limited options which doesn’t help the listing at all. They usually look very unprofessional and may even damage the listings brand. The second part of the answer is that we use funds to market our site bringing in more leads for our members. How often do you see a directory offering free memberships but can’t afford to market their own directory – how’s that going to help their members?

Another benefit that sets us apart from others is that you can actively seek investment just by clicking the “looking for investment” tab. This will allow investors to find you by our filter search.
Prospective leads are also interested in hearing about your business’ future plans which we have dedicated a section for.

When you are starting out in business you need certainty. Certainty of the value you will receive from spending your marketing budget. You can be certain that your investment in Launch List is a worthy and cost effective one.
Launch List provides the best value and benefits as a nationwide online business directory. Your business will –
• Be easily discovered
• Have an increase in traffic
• Be more engaging
• Be highly visible
• Have increased exposure
• Look more professional
• Be more recognisable (brand recognition)
• Build trust with potential leads